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My motivation in painting and drawing is to convey a familiar image to the  
viewer and yet leave enough unsaid to arouse curiosity and interest. The  
viewer may feel the general mood, impression and image my painting reveals.
generally have no preconceived idea or formulated plan. When I begin to
paint, my painting begins by rapidly composing shapes on the canvas using a
large brush. Painting begins by rapidly composing shapes on the canvas using
a large brush.Areas of colour texture and movement and unity, all non
essential labouring of details are avoided. I’m mainly inspired by the Natural
and other sources of light effects.



































Achievements and Work experience 1962 - 2014:
2014: - Participated in 10th Dubai International Horse Fair - An equestrian art
2012: - Sandesh Award by Sandesha Foundation for Culture and Education.
2011: - Inaugurated his exclusive art Gallery “Chitralaya” on his 75th birthday
- Attended ''Kala Shibira'' dedicated to late Dr. K K Hebbar’s 100th birth anniversary.
- Attended South Indian Regional Artist's Camp which marked the birth anniversary
  of legendary writer Kota Shivaram Karanth.
- Inaugurated ‘Ragnarok’ Cultural Fest at Fr. Muller Medical College.
- Solo exhibition held at Moven Pick Hotel, Dubai.
- Facilitated by Mangalore Konkan’s Dubai.
- Release of documentary by Karnataka Lalit Kala Accademy at Vishwa Kannada.
- Sammelana 2011, Belgaum, Karnataka, India.
2010: - Honoured by Sargam SEVA. Honoured by Krishnamatta, Udupi,
Karnataka, India.
2009: - One man exhibition show conducted at Orchid Art Gallery, Mangalore,
Karnataka, India. 
- Participated in 5TH Sharjah International Art Biennale, U.A.E.
Honoured by Alva's Foundation, Mudebidri, Karnataka, India.
2008: - Honored in memory of Lat Sri Shankar Patel Kala Prassati at
2007: - Honored at Gurukal Residential school, Kundapur, Karnataka, India.
- Honored by All India Kannada Sahitya Samelan, Udupi, Karnataka, India.
- Honored by All India Kannada Sahitya Samelan, Udupi, Karnataka, India.
- Participated in Art Camp by Suvarna, Manipal, Karnataka, India.
2005: - Honored by Karavalli Melan, Dubai, U.A.E.
2004: - Honored by Amateur Artists Association, Kundapur.
- Participated in State Level Painting Camp, Belgaum.
2003: - Honored by Catholic Sabha Mangalore Pradesh.
- Honored by Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi Golden Jubilee Celebration at
Cochin, Kerala.
2001: - Honored by the Mysore Association Platinum Jubilee, Mumbai.
- Participated in 5TH Sharjah International Art Biennale, U.A.E.
- Honored by Centenary celebrations, Mysore.
- Honored by all India Fine Arts and Crafts Society for the service to Art at
  New Delhi.
2000 - 2004: - Appointed Chairman of KARNATAKA LALITHKALAACADEMY,
1999: - Participated in Varna Spandana Camp at Mangalore.
- Participated in Intercollegiate Youth Festival at Gulbarga University.
- Organised by all Karnataka, Youth Artist Camp, Udupi.
1998: - One man show at Art and space Gallery, Bangalore.
- Member of Lalith Kala Academy Karnataka.
- Invited for all India Artist camp “Heart for Art” sponsored by TISCO at Jamshedpur.
1997: - Invited for exhibition at Aurodhan Art Gallery, Pondicherry.
- Pondicherry to represent Indian Art to Paris, Britain and Italy.
- Participated in Indian Art exhibition at Aurodhan Art gallery.
- Invited for Art show at Hampi Utsav.
- Invited for portrait painting at Ken School of Arts Bangalore.
- One man show at Images, Art gallery Bangalore.
- Participated at Sharjah International Art exhibition, UAE.
1996: - Booked published by Karnataka Lalith Kala Academy, Bangalore
- Received “Roriech Memorial Award, Bangalore.
1995: - Group Show at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore.
- Group show at Prasad Art Gallery Mangalore.
1994: - Participated at Karnataka Artist camp in Bangalore.
- Group show at Valley View Hotel at Manipal, Karnataka.
1993: - Group Show at Bangalore.
- One man Jury Commissioner for the All India exhibition held at Bijapur,Karnataka.
- Participated at State Lalith Kala Camp at Mysore and Coorge.
- Participated all India Artist camp at Bijapur , Karnataka.
1992: - One man Show at Chitralaya, Udupi
- Received State Lalith Kala Honour (for 1990).
- Received Rajyotsava Award.
- Inaugurated own Art gallery and Art School, CHITRALAYA , Brahmavar.
- Participated in SAARC exhibition, Bangalore.
- Group show at Young Design, Bangalore.
1991: - South Central Zone Cultural Centre invited all India artist Painting
1990: - Participated at Lalith Kala Academy Camp at Manipal.
- Invited for portrait painting workshop at Gulbargha.
- Group exhibition in Bangalore.
1889: - Group show at Madras.
- Group Show at Bangalore.
1988: - Voluntary retirement from WSC Government of India, Hydrabad.
1987: - Selected for State Lalith Kala Academy member Karnataka.
- South Zone Cultural Centre, Artist Camp, Madras.
1986: - Two painter’s exhibition at Bangalore.
1985: - Group exhibition Bombay, Delhi , Calcutta and Madras.
- Group exhibition Sarla Art Centre, Madras.
1984: - Group exhibition at Bangalore and Gulbargha, Karnataka.
1983: - Group exhibition at Bangalore.
1982: - Award State Lalith Kala Academy, Karnataka
1981: - Group exhibition at Bangalore and Madras
1980: - Tour to Bihar know about Madubani Tribal Art.
1979: - Group exhibition, Udupi, Karnataka.
1978: - Award – All India Dasara Art exhibition, Mysore.
1977: - Group exhibition at Kritika Art gallery Bangalore.
1975: - Group exhibition at Bangalore.
- Formed Costal Artist Group “SKAG”.
1974: - Group exhibition, Udupi, Karnataka.
- Group exhibition, Pundola Art Gallery, Bombay.
- One man exhibition, Kritika Art gallery, Bangalore.
1973: - Award – All India Dasara Art exhibition, Mysore.
- Group exhibition at Bangalore and Jahangir Art Gallery, Bombay.
- Group Exhibition, Alliance Franchise, Bangalore.
- One man exhibition Max Mullar Bhavan, Bangalore.








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